Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Warhammer with Zail, First post!

welcome! and here it goes for post number 1

I first started getting into the painting and modelling world when i was 11, i remember seeing a GW store with my dad and thinking "those toys look awesome!" i managed to get a starter box set and some paints that Christmas..... 3 weeks later, a bunch of the ugliest marines you have even seen and no one to play with i quit.

1 year ago a friend of mine who had played warhammer for most of his teenage life got me to try out warhammer fantasy, i ended up with a dwarf and warriors of chaos army. Painted to a reasonable standard and getting some wins in the 7th edition warhammer fantasy seemed to be awesome.......and then came 8th edition..... What can i say.... oh i know


I hate 8th edition, 8th just seemed to be a money grab by GW. So what’s a gamer supposed to do. Well i quit warhammer altogether. Until that same friends who got me into fantasy convinced me to try 40k and dam is 40k a better game.

7th edition fantasy was good but i love 5th edition 40K. So i had to choose an army to play, i really like Necrons but after a bit of research i found out that they are quite old and don’t really hold up to the 5th armies out there eg, Space Wolves, Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard.

I ended up choosing the blood angels, i love their fluff and they look awesome! I play a 750 point tournament every Friday and will post my list and have some pictures soon.

On the left is my 1st attempt at painting blood angels.

Till next time


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