Friday, December 16, 2011

Triarch Stalker Tactical review

I have read lately quite a few negative opinions on the Necron Triarch stalker that seem to be based purely on speculation as not that many people have actually used it in game. Having played with them in most my lists over the last week I thought I would give a quick rundown of what I think they can do, both the good and the bad.

For those unfamiliar with the Triarch Stalker it is an open topped armour 11 walker, with a heat ray that acts like two multi-meltas or a heavy flamer. What makes it interesting however is the quantum shielding boosting it to AV 13 and the ability that whatever target it hits gets ‘marked’, allowing any other Necron unit shooting at the same target to be twin linked. Now the obvious use of this is to either ensure the death of your chosen vehicle target either through the multi meltas or the twin linked fire or shoot it at a large squad and then fire into it with now twin linked immortals/warriors.

The downside to this vehicle is the cost and the fact it only has one weapon meaning it is easy to make it ineffective. The thing that people overlook though is just how hard av13 walker can be to kill in combat. The ability to tie up any unit that makes it too your lines after you have shot a couple of times can be game changing. Multiple time I have delayed an assault marine squad or a unit of grey hunters from crushing through my lines, giving me time to either bring my counterattack unit (wraiths generally) into position or get my shooty elements further away.

Triarch Stalkers are great, they don’t fit into every list but they have fantastic synergy with some of our best units. They make telsa immortals incredible! And they offer even more AV 13 saturation to go along with your command and annihilation barges. I highly recommend using them and I can definitely see their place in certain competitive lists.


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