Saturday, December 24, 2011

Annihilation Barge tactical review

The Annihilation Barge in my opinion is probably the best vehicle in the codex. And this is why.

For 90 points you get something that can stop any dedicated transport in the game in its tracks. With 4 strength 7 re-roll able shots that gain 2 extra hits on the roll of a 6. This thing usually hits 6 times, with 4 shots! If you are shooting at a Rhino that’s going to equal at least one pen probably 2 and 1 glance. With a 4+ to hurt it, you are going to do some damage. Now it may be at -1 on the damage chart because it has no AP but with weight of fire it doesn’t even matter.

Now lets not forget its other gun, which could be a 2 shot strength 5 AP3 gun for taking out a Marine or it could be a 2 shot strength 6 Tesla.

Where these things really shine however is in their ability to put a huge amount of wounds onto just about anything. Take a squad of Assault Marines for example. This 90 point vehicle can generate an easy 5 wounds when it has moved 6 inches, if it hasn’t it can do 6-7. Not bat at all. Better yet can do the same amount of wounds to a Thunder Wolf unit.

Now if you take Nemesor Zahndrekh you can give anyone of your Barges tank hunter! Awesome!
4-6 strength 8 hits can stop most things. As you can see I love these things, but don’t take my word on it. Play with at least 2 of them in your list and see how they pan out. I think you will be impressed.


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  1. I take 3 of these in my list and since it's AP- most people tend to ignore them until I'm running through their troops. I love these as well and will continue to use them for a long time.