Monday, December 12, 2011

Anti Necron DoA List

I have seen around the internet people asking for some anti Necron lists. As a Blood Angel player I think we have what it takes to make the Necrons cry. Now there are always exceptions ie. Bad dice, bad player but I think with the new Crons and the evil Grey Knights we may see some more all Jump pack Blood Angels armies.

DoA List and why it should work.

Librarian + JP (Lance + str 10)

Assault marine x10 Melta x2 PF
Assault marine x10 Melta x2 PF
Assault marine x10 Flamer, Melta PW + MB

Sanguinary Priest + JP 
Honour Guard + Melta x4 


I will start with a cron AV 13 spam list. One of the Necrons biggest strengths is their ability to wound gen the Christ of a unit, what they don’t have is a huge amount of AP 1-2 and only a little more of AP 3. A DoA list with 2 Priest can absorb a huge amount of Cron fire power, whilst closing the gap between the lines quicker than a Cron can handle.  The only real threat would be the Doomsday Ark. 
Now with the Angels deep striking shananagans they can drop and lance/Melta most if not all the biggest threats. Open top + AP1 and 2d6 pen rolls equals a lot of exploding crons. Any troops they have in an AV13 spam list will probably be warriors in Ghost Arks and it should only be 2 small units. When assaulting with only 5 marines you should still make short work of the poor robots.

The biggest issues when facing a mech spam cron army will be keeping you priest alive when the crons try to sweep over with the Command Barges. It’s because of the Barges that you will need 2 Priests. If 2 barges sweep over one unit the odds of them rolling 1 6 with 6 attacks is very likely so always have your back up! The Honour guard squad is best back up I can think of as it absorbs the priest’s kill point and you get a massive amount of melta!. Once they sweep it should be fairly easy with amount of melta in the army to drop the CCB .
The Str 10 power on the Librarian will help you assault and rip open any of the tanks + Instant kill any annoying HQs they have running around once you have taken the CCB.
So the strategy should be Drop, Pop and Assault. This type of list should eat a cron foot army too =P
I will add a spider, scarab counter soon.



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