Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dante Conversion!

Whilst I am busy away working on the Necrons I thought I would share my Dante conversion. Made out of the Astoraths jet pack and a kit bash from the Sanguinary Guard. Its probably the easiest Dante conversion out. I will add a painted Sang Guard for you to see so you can compare the difference.

A lot of people think Dante isn’t really a worthy choice for a HQ slot. In a highly competitive field they may be right. That said some of the most fun I have had playing my Angels is with Dante. HE brings some very useful tools to the table. Throw him in a RAS squad with 2 melta and they don’t scatter!, make sure there is a priest in there and that can be 1 hard to move squad. Taking away an opponent’s WS,W,A and I can be huge when facing some of the melee monsters out there.

More importantly is how awesome Dante and a squad of Sanguinary guard look on the battle field. When ever I take Dante I always take some Sanguinary guard. For 220 points you get 1 Power Fist, 1 Infernos Pistol,4 Master crafted Power Weapons, a 2+ Save, Jump packs and! They are Scoring.

Bottom line. I think Dante and Sang Guard are good fun and if used well they can be semi competitive.


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