Monday, December 19, 2011

Scouts Work in progress

I have always loved scouts… except their dam heads!  They look ridiculous in my opinion, so I bought some really cool heads from .pig iron productions . They make the scouts look a little Halo-ish, which I really like. I also hate how they always seem to have the same pose, so I got out the green stuff and remodelled some arms.

These scouts are going to be a part of my Salamander army. They will be rocking the battle field in a Landspeeder Storm with twin linked MultiMelta thanks’ to Vulkan. The idea is to scout move 24 inches, Turn one charge with the Fist and MultiMelta a different target. If done right I may be able to take out 2 tanks on turn 1 with this unit. Rocking out at 165 points, not a bad investment. If I end up going second I can always deep strike down and Melta stuff, or just hang back to claim last minute objectives.

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